About Clearshield

ClearShield protected glass:
• Is always easier to clean and keep clean
• Stays cleaner for longer
• Resists staining and discolouration

Clearshield benefits
Where to use?

ClearShield system products could be used on various surfaces and help to protect or renovate glass in different places

The diversity in usage of Clearshield products

In the product catalog you will find ClearShield products for:
New glass protection
- Glass renovation
- Glass maintenance after protection or renovation

Clearshield system
ClearShield Mud Dome

Look at how effective ClearShield glass protection is! The bottom half of the glass dome has been specially treated with ClearShield while the top has been left untreated. Notice how the mud does not stick to the bottom.

ClearShield Glass

ClearShield Glass presentation

11/07/2012 - 23:30

ClearShield representatives from Lithuania will participate in international exhibition of equipment and gastronomy "Baltshop.Balthotel.Baltgastro 2012", which is organized on 8-10th o