ClearShield Protection

Protection with ClearShield resists staining and discolouration, keeping all glass looking like new for longer. This results in increased passenger comfort and satisfaction as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

ClearShield railway

Glass Renovation

Metal oxides, such as dust from rails and brake pads, as well as usual atmospheric pollution will badly stain and discolour glass. Cleaning the dirt build-up is very difficult, if not impossible. Not only does dirty glass affect visibility, it also creates an unclean and unsafe image. The ClearShield System can renovate glass to an 'as-new’ appearance.

For glass in platform shelters, bridges, waiting areas and rolling stock, ClearShield is the ideal solution for:

- Cleaner glass that stays looking new for longer
- Easier removal of most graffiti
- Making passengers feel safer
- Reducing passenger complaints